Defect Management

The ONE Defect management module enables complete tracking and visibility of the full lifecycle of a defect from the moment the defect is identified, through to completion or close-out, which might be years later. Each action or task that is performed can be assigned and recorded, in addition to inspection information, documents and pictures.

defect management register

We use the term ‘Defect’ to describe an issue which is out with the scope or specification and needs fixed or monitored. If your terminology refers to that as an Anomaly, a MCDR, a Deviation or something else – we can change the terminology on your ONE.

By being able to easily search in one place for all open and closed defects, integrity management efficiency improves, resulting in lower administration costs for managing data. Defects is a live, dynamic and intuitive knowledge base for everything related to anomalies on your assets.

You record actions and outcomes in ONE, it does not do it for you. However and crucially, clients who use ONE can track, check and easily demonstrate that their issues are being safely and competently managed, internally and to external HSE auditors.


Our clients report an average of 40% time saving for their defect management process overall. Plus the incalculable benefits of easily seeing the big picture or the small details, and making informed decisions based on any number of factors provided by data in ONE.

Compare ONE to spreadsheets, documents stored everywhere and the inefficient legacy ‘standard’ ways of working – the way it’s always been, left hand v right hand and, it is sometimes frightening……

In ONE, you have all your anomaly information centrally managed, safe in one place and, available at any time. This can be a massive revelation and sometimes a minor revolution. ONE enables the whole defect management picture and it is 100% transparent. You not having to wait for the weekly spread sheet collation or someone’s monthly update document – log in and check for yourself.

With all this data in ONE there are significant time savings on the production of live and historic weekly and monthly KPI reports for operational and budget purposes. You just press the buttons, no messing about.

ONE Defect Management contains:

  • Wizard based standard anomaly recording workflow
  • Fully integrated with ONE’s component asset register
  • Comprehensive collaborative integrity management process
  • Topside offshore, Subsea¬† and Onshore assets in ONE application
  • All disciplines inc Pipework, Vessels, Structural, Pipelines
  • Tag anomalies with subtypes, eg FM, Vibration, IQ or RO
  • Set Priority or Risk ranking
  • Record all anomaly details including Recommendations and Assessments
  • Upload documents, images and video clips
  • Allocate remedial and mitigation tasks with full details of who, when, what and how.
  • A complete audit History on each anomaly record
  • Full basic and advanced search functions
  • Summary ONE-click reporting
  • GPS location positioning and map view
  • Over 30 live and monthly summary graphical reports
  • Temporary Repair Register and reporting

and so much more.


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