Risk Based Assessment

ONE’s Risk Based Assessment module is a simple way to record your RBA information and outcomes determining the risk based inspection frequency on a component.

We asked many Oil & Gas professionals what they would like in a ‘simple’ RBA spreadsheet replacement module. From a wide cross section of opinion, we then developed a generic ‘engineering judgement’ solution which can accommodate both qualitative and semi-quantitative assessment types.


It is integrated with the Component Asset Register, so you create RBA’s on the same component as you create anomalies and defects on. So you can see that information and the current condition state of the component, without having to go digging in other systems.

Naturally, it’s a smart framework the same as the rest of ONE; so it’s highly customisable to suit your requirements and, can be extended with mathematical calculations if you need them, using the condition monitoring type data from components. We remove as much of the repetitive data entry as possible.

RBA’s can be created on a single component, or a group of components of the same equipment type. The ONE RBA module enables the flexible creation of RBA’s, and is set up to use  your existing risk process, terminology and methodology. Each component equipment type has a specific range of internal and external threats set as as a template, which you can add to or remove as required.

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Once RBA’s are completed, they can be printed off and stored ‘on the shelf’. However, the RBA in ONE is effectively a repeating task, so you can track which RBA’s are due all in one place.

Superseding an existing RBA the next time round, is a simple click of a button. This re-uses the previous values which is the same as saving the spreadsheet as a new revision, then updating the data which has changed. In conjunction with combining live attribute related data from components, creating a revised RBA can be completed quite rapidly if all the information is available.

Supporting documents and images can be added to the RBA as required. These files are retained throughout all superseded iterations of the RBA, ensuring all the previous reasoning is available for the future.

The entire RBA framework and workflow is 100% configurable and customisable to client requirements, these examples are provided as illustrations only. Contact Us for more details.