The Task management module in ONE is all about tasking and related functions. This powerful background module provides the functionality for several sub modules, although sometimes the task elements are seen and used elsewhere in ONE.

Tasks may be one off, repeating based on a frequency, raised according to the results of another task and, may be ‘nested’ with a parent task having one or more child tasks.

ONE tasks are what we call ‘soft tasks’ because they are only about 10% hard coded in the software – unlike traditional tasking systems. This means it is reasonably simple and straightforward to create new task types and grow discrete functionality to respond to client needs, without reinventing the entire wheel every time.

ONE’s Task engine accommodates a wide range of task subjects which might be called ‘actions’ or a ‘to do list’, either as a simple ad-hoc system or a highly structured management process. It also powers part of the ONE RBA module, with an RBA being a repeating task type.

ONE soft tasks are used on components for planned and unplanned maintenance activities, inspection outputs such as annulus and ESDV testing. They also enable complete systems for Verification Management, Performance Standard change requests and similar alert functions and issue trackers.

If that sounds a bit confusing, it’s not. However, what we can do with ONE Tasks is limited only by what you need and require – so talk to us and we’ll work up a solution, large or small.


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