ONE Offshore Verification Management module

IQ Integrity have developed and implemented a complete offshore Verification management module for a major UK client.

The offshore verification management module manages the entire 3rd party performance standards verification process from start to finish, not just replacing a legacy system, but significantly streamlining the workflow and simplifying data entry , while retaining full integration with existing ONE systems.

Staff were trained in less than half an hour and now have full online access to update their tasks and view related issues.

ONE’s Verification Module (VM) manages a repository of Performance Standards, their Assurance Routines and associated Verification Action tasks for each platform/location.


The Verification actions due in the current year are completed by the independent Verification body while offshore or back onshore if there is a query. If their assessment is ‘No Action Required’ the verification action task is reset to the next due date in one or two years’ time. If the remedial ‘Action Required’ state is selected, then the Verification action is still automatically set to the next due date but then the user  creates Action tasks linked to the Performance Standard/Assurance routine; which the client Verification Department then assign to the relevant person and manage the progress of that task to completion.

During the progress towards completion, text updates and related documents and images are stored within the action task, which may be of either Plant or People&Process type (Leading and Lagging) with several other defining characteristics such as Root Problems.

Since the Action task and Verification tasks are interlinked, history and progress are transparent across both, improving information availability and highlighting Performance Standards with issues and the due dates for remedial tasks.

As always, end user feedback has ‘tuned’ the workflow and functionality, with additional expansion modules identified for future updates over the next 6 to 12 months.

3rd party verifier reports are produced as pdf documents per each Performance Standard, after secure signoff by authorised users; together with comprehensive search and visual display reports on all open and closed actions.

IQ Integrity’s Verification management software has quietly, simply and very effectively revolutionised the offshore verification management process for our client’s staff and contractors.

No fuss, it just works.

Contact us to find out if we can make a difference to your offshore verification management workflow.