Component Attributes

Component Attributes are the way ONE’s Component Asset Register stores any type of data about any type of component.

Attributes are created in sets, which are applied to one or more equipment types as standard templates. So every piece of equipment of that type, has the same data inputs.

In the example below, this pipework type component is part of the DRC-03 corrosion circuit and has 3x open anomalies. We also see from the icons that it is Safety Critical and contains Hydrocarbon type fluid.

The Pipework Details tab displays the pressure related information, while the Component Information tab holds other data such as P&ID, ISO sheet number, Criticality, Design Life, Location and other details. Any data you need to store as a component attribute, can be quickly and easily enabled, then imported and updated by authorised users or other systems.

All attribute data updates or inputs are stored and displayed within the component’s History Log section.

Component Attributes