Who needs integrity management software?

In a price slump, cost conscious climate, operators more than ever need to manage elements of their integrity management information better; quickly and simply.

The asset and anomaly integrity management spread sheet collection would be a good and obvious place to start!

We are in Perth Australia and Calgary Canada during March 2015, to talk to oil & gas operators and contractors about our integrity management software: ONE.

Maybe we can make the job easier together by working with you or partnering to compliment an existing service.

ONE exceeds all UK user and HSE expectations for anomaly management software. It also has modules for component asset registers, subsea and onshore pipelines, verification activity, critical plant status and reporting dashboards, plus a basic risk based assessment module.

ONE is configurable to fulfil just about any asset integrity role, but especially those dealt with by your management spread sheets.

This enables significant improvements in efficiency and visibility of integrity management operations, with consequential savings in time, administration and, increased transparency for safety and compliance audits.

Do you know anyone in your organisation that can have a half hour chat about integrity management, maybe see a demo and if we offer benefits then great, if not we move on?

Contact us here – for Perth or Calgary.

For more information on ONE – have a look here.

Regards – Craig