ONE version5 now in development

OffshoreWe have started the software development to upgrade ONE version 3 to version 5, with a new layout being the most obvious difference: it will be formatted for widescreen monitors and have every page’s functionality rationalised based on the feedback, knowledge and experiences to date.

Since we will eventually migrate all clients ‘up’ to this version, we are not constrained by our legacy approach or software architecture and will make significant improvements behind the scenes.

Principally this will involve creating a component asset register to act as the core reference for all future functionality, enabling us to build outwards with a non-anomaly based tasking framework and other integrity elements which will all tie together as a joined up system to replace even more of the spread sheets which are generically used to plug gaps in CMMS and other large scale enterprise software functionality.

We are a lot more than integrity management spread sheet replacement specialists, joining up the outputs to provide simple workflows with meaningful and valuable benefits (sales pitch!). There appears to be a dearth of simple software solutions for integrity management out there, which actually do things using an approachable standard workflow that needs almost no training.

It’s not rocket science to make a usable application that works the way real users want and doesn’t force them into changing business process to meet the demands of the software: we don’t think so anyway!

Heads down and getting on with it…..