First ONE User Group Meeting

ONE_250pixThe first ONE User Group meeting in Aberdeen!

We have regular meetings with clients to discuss ONE and their internal user feedback throughout the year, but this was an opportunity for everyone at focal point/admin level to get together and share experiences and views about ONE: good bits and the bad points as they see it. The great thing about this was that there were more good than bad bits, but mainly that all the generally similar functionality upgrade requests were ‘normalised’ into a generic upgrade package which will meet everyone’s needs without bespoke development.

This is vital for us as we continue to work towards our goal of an industry standard anomaly management system, which is accepted as the logical alternative to spread sheets and other systems which do not specialise in anomalies and defects across all integrity needs as we do.

IQ-Integrity-LogoIQ Integrity are definitely a niche integrity management software service provider, plugging the gaps in integrity management workflow for defects / anomalies and other associated integrity management functions. Nothing wrong with being solution specialists. We are exceptionally good at stripping out the fluff and providing a simple path from A to B transparently to help with compliance and managing issues safely to successful closeout: that’s what our clients are saying.

Then we all went for curry and a beer, thankfully Maureen’s heels managed to negotiate the cobbles without incident!